Telling a story: Special connections with family groups {Nags Head NC Family Photography}

Although the Outer Banks has the perfect back drop for large family photos…  I admit it, big family groups used to make me a little nervous. The thought of coordinating everyone at the same time including the littlest of the bunch into one photo where no one is closing there eyes, sneezing, hitting their brother..etc… was an overwhelming task. But the reality is, while it take s a bit longer to set up the big extended family shot, it really usually comes together fairly seamlessly and then there is the good old fashion head-swap in Photoshop if we are really desperate. And the reality is family groups are really just a few smaller families bunched up together…and showing the intimate relationship between family members is my favorite thing to take photos of.


This family was referred to me by a local friend from Kitty Hawk and it could not have been a nicer group of people. Sometimes you come across a family who’s story resonates with you even before you meet in person..and this was such a group. When you connect with with a family and share intimate details during emails before the photo session it can make the photo shoot all the more meaningful. Sometimes it’s a family member with a terminal illness, or a mother’s birthday, or an anniversary of sorts. Often it’s just a rare family reunion where everyone can get together for one big shot. When I connect with a family I am better able to tell their story through photographs. All I know is that I connected with this family in a special way and I wish we could hang out as friends. I think if a few of them lived closer perhaps we would. I like to think so anyways.

These images were taken this past September at Coquina Beach in Nags Head, NC. They are special to me and I hope the family cherishes them for years to come.


Nags Head NC beach photo of Dad chasing daughter Family photography on beach of Outer Banks NC uncle-niece-hug-outer-banks-nc Photo of Uncle with tattoos hugging niece in Nags Head NC older_siblings_hugging_mom_nagshead_nc  Newborn photographer - Nags Head NC mom and daughter photograph by ocean Outer banks NCnewborn-family-intimate-moment-nagshead-nc brothers_silly_oceanside_obx young_brothers_family_obx  young-boys-run-on-the-beach-obxdaddy-newborn-son-beach-nagshead-ncNewborn baby in a bucket by the water in the Outer Banks of NCOuter Banks NC family photograph - black and white image in front of ocean




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